“Turning Great Technologies into Great Businesses

Digitalics, LLC is a strategy and investment consultancy based in Fairfield County, CT, serving clients whose interests touch the technology sphere.  I am currently working with firms throughout the U.S.  on general corporate advisory, strategy formulation, freelance industry research, market and competitive analysis, technology commercialization, financial modeling, equity analysis, and company valuations.

In addition, I am always interested in exploring high-impact full-time or interim roles with companies in technology and financial services.  Please see my Candidate Profile for more information.

For Technology Companies

I provide focus. Young tech firms often face distraction and fragmentary markets. They may have great technology but are presented with numerous potential customers, applications, and markets. What’s typically required is a disciplined approach that covers the entire spectrum: users, technology, product strategy, financial analysis, and the competitive landscape.

I help them figure out what they want to be when they grow up, and then how to best deploy their limited resources now in order to get there.  They learn how to create real value instead of just technology, in the eyes of both potential investors and the marketplace.

My particular specialty lies in translating technospeak into business terms and in getting firms ready to secure early round financing.  This includes positioning, financial models and projections, as well as creating presentations that speak to investors’ needs instead of grandiose claims and technology “coolness”.  I sometimes take interim executive roles with young companies.

For Investment Clients

I offer perspective into the strategic and operational factors that impact company performance, having worked to commercialize technology products and services for many years. By coupling this with insight into technology trends, as well as the financial analyses to back it up, I provide investment firms with a unique and often contrarian view on the success of technology companies, their industries, and their stocks.

Specific Services Include:

strategic planning
market feasibility studies
business plan writing
industry research and analysis
competitive analysis
complex financial modeling
financial statement creation & analysis
business valuation
equity research
customer & market needs assessment
product strategy
productization of technology
revenue model development
product management
product and solution positioning
creation of investor or client presentations
writing collateral, white papers, etc.
project management

Please contact me directly if you are interested in discussing how I can help your business or fund.


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